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Man is the most sacred, most meaningful and superior of all creatures… The greatest indicator of his superiority is his mind… That is, Allah Almighty bestowed a mind unlike any other creatures, and warnes exessively in verse of the Qur'an, "Will you still not use your mind!" … Yes, are we still not going to use our minds? The first and easiest way to use our minds is Reading… So why should I read? Read to.. •Improve your imagination & focus •Turn yourself ınto an ınteresting person •Be open minded •Never be alone •Relieve your stress •Have better quality sleep •Stay healty Düşün Taşın organization knows how important reading is. Since it was founded, organization conducted 346 reading activities; 17 of them were worldwide and in 49 different cities in Turkey on 102 different locations. We know very well that the first way to improve teenager is to acquire them reading habits. Through these activities, we socialize young people and allow them to express their opinions about the book they read. We introduce those teenagers who analyse books to many authors and books where they reside.
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