Thinking Long & Hard Meetings

DüşünME TaşınMA Meetings

DüşünME TaşınMA meetings is an organization that provides networking, social learning and sharing environment. It is one of the projects of our association for 10 years. We have organized 90 different events in 10 seasons and hosted hundreds of participants.

The format of this organization is as follows:

  • Its held in first Thursay of each/every
  • Topic is determined by taking advice /ideas from participants beforehand or by the agenda.
  • After the agenda is determined, related poster is prepared at the beginning of the week and shared online with the participants. The event is also created via Facebook.
  • The topic; whose day, place, time and moderator is known, is discussed with the participants.
  • During the discussion, new ideas are augmented. An active sharing takes place.
  • Participants uses lot of “Like, Share, Comment" cards to express themselves.
  • Remarks and comments shared in DüşünME TaşınMA meetings are recorded by a reporter and an editor transfers that to Digital via DüşünME TaşınMA Twitter account.