Domino Book Cafe Project

Domino Book Cafe is our freshest project, which we already created the physical environment for it, where our ideas are embodied. The Project is supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Our target in this Project is to establish a positive change in the lives of young people  around us by directing them to cultural and artistic activities, through a book they read, a seminar they attend, and a author they meet, that will create a domino effect in their lives.

Domino Book Cafe, where we collect fruits from it every day, opened on Thursday, 20 June 2019. It took place with the participation of; Ministry of Youth and Sports General Manager of Youth Services Mr. Emre Topoğlu, Ministry of Youth and Sports Deputy General Manager of Education, Research and Coordination Mr. Muhammet Ecevit Cartı, Head of the Coordination Department of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Mr. Ahmet Ermiş, Former Ak Parti İstanbul Deputy Mr. Hüseyin Bürge, Eyüpsultan District Governor Mr. Abdullah Dölek, Eyüpsultan Mayor Mr. Deniz Köken, IMM Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Mr. Ömer Faruk Kalaycı, IMM Assembly Member Mr. Ahmet Hamdi Gürbüz, Eyüpsultan Municipality Assembly Member Mr. Hüseyin Birdal, Consultant Ahmet Talat Us, Instructor Hakan Turgut, dear association members and of course with young people

The future of a nation is in the hands of the youth.

It should not be forgotten that a society that wins youth will also win its future. The most outstanding way of this is to encourage young people to reading first.

The generation who can read; will think, question and find new solutions to problems.

Accordingly, we have succeeded in implementing the “Domino Book Cafe Project", which is one of the steps we have taken on this path, which we took in the hope of raising a generation called ASIM by Mehmet Akif, BIG EAST by Necip Fazıl, and RESURRECTION by Sezai Karakoç.We would like to thank all our supporters who participated in the opening ceremony of this project, a Project that will impress every young person it touches like a domino stone.