Wednesday Market

We have freshly produced events to emphasize the development of merit, in other words, to make this development full and negotiable:

Wednesday Market… You know, the markets are characterized as both the chaos of our district and a quick chat place where we can find most of our needs. “+Tomato 5 lira  – let’s make it 4, okay? Come, sister, come and get the onion here… Fresh fresh, hot hot products…” These lines are very familiar, aren’t they? Our Wednesday Market is like this… “It’s not modesty but that narcissism. What do you know about the relationship between love and materialism? “Are those issues that seem different from each other, which we can get acquainted with as a result of a little detailed reading and expressing opinions, just like that, right? Every week there is a unique program where you can find all kinds of topics in a whole and order: WEDNESDAY MARKET.

Every market has a unique procedure, tacit rules. So don’t underestimate and say its just a market. Customer relations, the concept of the evening market, leaving the bags and saying “we’ll take them on our way back”, and many more …

 While we are talking about various topics in our Wednesday Market, we also have rules to ensure the development of merit, which is our main goal:

In order to achieve the highest efficiency and be useful to each other, you are expected to read the articles we have published on social media beforehand and share your own research with our friends …

We make the academy fun. That’s why we are waiting for all of you to our Wednesday Market held on the first Wednesday of every month.