Multiplier Effect Leadership Project

Multiplier Effect

The multiplier effect project is a social responsibility project that includes training on “Project Writing, Social Media and Technology, Entrepreneurship and Volunteering" to thousands of young people in 32 secondary education institutions in Üsküdar, the cultural coast of Istanbul.

The trainings on ideal topics for young people aged 14-18 were held in a seminar format and given by experts in their field. We reached 2000 students in 32 high schools and provided 50 trainings. There were very precious educators joined this Project.

We brought young & entrepreneur names such as Burak Özcan, President of MOIS Event Agency; Idris Cin, owner of the Enterprise News portal;Cansu Aydemir, President of the Media Literacy Association; Turkey Memory Champion Yunus Emre Karahan with young people in this Project.

Participants in the trainings that said “I Have An Idea To Create A Multiplier Effect!" and were filled out the application form & thir project was entitled to be supported are rewarded

with Bursa Travel

We went to Bursa for 2 nights and 3 days and conuducted workshops of Project Cycle, Leadership and Teamwork, Public Speaking and Effective Presentation Skills. 

With the implementation of 60 more social responsibility projects at the end of this project

have helped raise young leaders who have adopted the concept of entrepreneurial, voluntary and active citizenship.