Butik Üniversite

Boutique University

"A New Alternative Education Model"

We believed in the power of education in the projects we have carried out since the day we were founded. We maintain our excitement to learn and discover new things. Boutique University is what blossomed from this excitement. We thought since everyone graduates from university and getting a diploma has simplified… is being graduated from a university is enough competence for this century? We believe that  “show your diploma, take the job" age has officially ended. You need something different; something that will make you differ from others and make others say “This is my man”… We are here with the “Boutique University" prescription, which we prepared the list of the medicines you need with the meticulously of a doctor. We invite everyone who wants to renew themselves with brand new & fresh recipes every year and to declare they exist in this age to our Boutique University Education Program.

This training program, which we have been conducting for 3 seasons, touches the lives of hundreds of people every year.

So, what makes Boutique University different?

With this organization, we gather with professionals every month who are experts in their fields, transfer their knowledge in the field to the participants, with real life examples as well as theoretical information. The trainings we conducted for 3 seasons during these gatherings are as follows:

-Effective Communication and Body Language

-Internal Leadership

-Effective Presentation Techniques


-Language Intelligence

-Emotional Intelligence

-Time Management

-NGO Consciousness

-Foundation Culture


-Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

-Exceptional Life Skills

-Critical Thinking and Innovation


-Digital Transformation and Perception Management

-Memory Techniques

-Algorithmic Thinking

-Political Communication

-Project Cycle

-Brand and Communication

-Memory Techniques

-Cloud Computing and Algorithm

-Social Media Management

-The DNA of Event Management

-Corporate Courtesy Rules

-From Stage to Human Communication

We aim to establish a university with the benefits from our experience, dozens of trainings, projects and hundreds of events we conducted in 10 years. We are trialing our university goal with Boutique University in order to establish Düşün Taşın University in 2030, to address the needs of young people and to adapt them to the shifting world.

Those who wonder how glorified and exceptional our trainings will be can search the following names of the Boutique University educators on the internet.
  • Jülide Sönmez - CMA Academy General Manager / Senior Instructor
  • Hakan Turgut - Management Consultant
  • Ahmet Talat Us - Industrial Engineer
  • İhsan Ataöv - Protocol and Courtesy Rules Trainer and Consultant
  • Abdullah Özcan - AXA Sigorta Istanbul Regional Sales Manager
  • Aynur Ayaz - TRT 1 Host & Presenter
  • Uğur Yasin Asal - Faculty Member of the Department of Political Science and International Relations, Istanbul Commerce University
  • Cemal Tanyel - Al Kassabi CEO
  • Zafer Baydere - Information Technologies Consultant
  • Nihat İpekçi - Digital Marketing Genius
  • İsmail Hakkı Polat- President of Digital Transformation Association

Season 3 Courses

Practices to Enrich You
Brain and Communication
How Our Brain Works - Communication and Self Types - Happy Brain for Positive Communication
Devamı için
Problem Solving and Teamwork
Problem and Decision Concepts - Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques - Tactical and Logical Thinking Skills
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Courtesy and Protocol Rules
Courtesy in Daily Life - What is the Protocol - What is Personal and Institutional representation?
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Diction Techniques
Breathing Correctly - Differences Between Writing and Speech - Gestures and Mimics
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