The message of the president

The message of the president

As Düşün Taşın Association, we are in a unworn excitement in 2020. The number of the projects we have been conducting for 10 years, the work we have done in the field of awareness and the young friends whose lives we touch has exceeded to hundreds of thousands.

The growth and strengthening of this kindness movement, whose seeds were scattered on the ground in 2010 with a dream; The association depends on the selfless work of our members. This movement will continue to bear fruit thanks to the vision drawn by our friends on the board of directors, and the contributions of our supporters and honorary members who believe in us.

We will try our best to train our members who invest in the future of Turkey as for both social, personal and academically. And also to provide the appropriate atmosphere to these young people.

While my heart wants to fly to heavenly countries;I get stuck on the shadows on the ground,” as complained by Master Necip Fazıl Kısakürek," Knowing the existence of shadows, blocking our ears to these and similar negativities, and in line with our goals “, we are working to establish the Düşün Taşın University in 2030, which is the 20th year of our association.

The steps to MIND, which we will take in line with all these goals we have set, will be stronger with the help of our Lord and the presence of our devotees.