21st Century Skills Education

21st Century Skills

Times and conditions are changing. So, requirements and priorities changing accordingly.

In order to get a job in the information age; young people have to acquire the skills to reflect, to solve problems creatively, to work in teams, to communicate intelligibly using different tools, to learn ever-changing technologies and to cope with a huge amount of information.

The changing conditions of the world require young people to be flexible individuals who can take initiative when necessary, and can produce new and useful products.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation, Collaboration and Communication, Information Technology Literacy, Leadership and Responsibility, Flexibility and Adaptability are among the main skills that should be equipped in our century.

One of the most important goals of education is to facilitate students’ daily lives and prepare them for the business world. This also is one of the most challenging  problems of the century as well as a subject that needs to be studied.Children today can cope with future challenges if we prepare them for adult roles such as future citizen, employee, manager, parent, volunteer, and entrepreneur in school education and out-of-school learning activities.As adults, they need to develop their cognitive skills, including language, mathematics, and other school subjects, and many non-cognitive skills that will facilitate the application of these topics to realize their full potential.

As Düşün Taşın Association, we, within the scope of 21st Century Skills Trainings, conducted trainings in Üsküdar Kandilli Girls Anatolian High School, Bayrampaşa Aliya İzzetbegoviç Girls Anatolian Imam Hatip High School and Hüseyin Bürge Anatolian High School about Social Entrepreneurship, More Productivity in Digital, Volunteering and Speed Reading with Understanding. We met with young entrepreneur candidates by conducting these trainings.

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